Red Goblin: Red Death #1 - Bloody Awesome!

November 12, 2019




Great Responsibility (Story #1)
Writer: Rob Fee
Artist: Pete Woods

Big Mouth (Story #2)
Writer: Sean Ryan
Artist: Pete Woods

The Wayside Darkness (Story #3)
Writer: Patrick Gleason
Pencils: Ray-Anthony Height
Inks: Marc Deering
Colors: Dono Sanchez-Almara and Photobunker


Publisher: Marvel
Rating 9/10




Last year writer Dan Slott on his last Amazing Spider-Man arc “Going down swinging” we were
introduced into a menacing new Norman Osborne threat, the Red Goblin. It seemed during that arc
everyone couldn’t get enough of this new goblin and proved to be some of Slott’s best work on Amazing
Spider-Man. But as quickly as the Red Goblin burst on the scene he was forgotten, until this awesome
one shot hit the stands a little over a week ago.


I really enjoyed reading this issue as its shed some more light on believe it or not Norman’s somewhat
decency of a human being. Each of the three short stories inside this issue did a fine job of showing just
how far down the rabbit hole of bonding with the Carnage symbiote Norman was going. The first story
of “Great Responsibility” by Rob Fee and Pete Woods was probably my favorite of the three. Norman
agrees to take the Carnage symbiote out for a hunt to feed but quickly makes him a deal that it must be
the right person to kill. From their high jinx ensue as Carnage takes over more and more and goes on a
murdering spree since he wasn’t as calculated as Norman warned him to be. The art by former DC
Comics exclusive Pete Woods in phenomenal over this story and the other as well and will be a
welcomed addition in the future for Marvel.


In the second story of the issue “Big Mouth” by Sean Ryan and Pete Woods we are reminded at how
much of an ego and temper Norman can have as he runs into a former acquaintance from his college
days and this time he isn’t holding Carnage back from his need to kill and rather sets the table for Carnage to unleash. Showing more of how Norman is bonding with Carnage to become the Red Goblin.


That leaves us with the last story by Patrick Gleason that leaves us really shocked in that last panel and
reminds us all to be reading “Absolute Carnage” for some more symbiotic craziness! In this story we see
more of Norman but he appears to be full on Red Goblin psyche at this point. He is urging his grandson
Normie to embrace the symbiotic bond and kill one of his classmates on Halloween. Can Normie do
that? And that last page of the comic really makes you wonder how that is going to play out.


Overall I really enjoyed this one shot and really look forward to hopefully more Red Goblin awesomeness from Marvel in the future.

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